Wednesday, 30 March 2016


More than 3,000 lions call the Serengeti home. You're sure to see them lounging on a "kopje", rocky outcrops that provide excellent views over the savannah.
The size and coloration of a lion's mane shows other males how fit and strong he is, the darker and larger the mane, the stronger the lion is
As lion cubs get older, they nurse from any lactating female in their pride
Older cubs like these youngsters are raised together as a creche, or nursery group. Pride females, united in the cause of rearing a generation, nurse and groom their own and others' offspring.
With several thousand resident lions, the Serengeti National Park is an excellent destination for those wanting to see the big cats in action. The wide open plains in southern and central Serengeti also provide a perfect backdrop for seeing a lion kill in action. When the wildebeest and zebra migration is in full swing here, you have a very good chance of seeing a hunt

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