Sunday, 25 September 2016

A warm welcome in a local chaga homestay. 'Magical village on the green slopes of the Kilimanjaro’

The people of Lyamungo welcome you to our Village

Lyamungo, a village in Hai district is typical of those found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro with subsistence agriculture farming in small-holdings as the mainstay of the community. The interface of the village is all about the open smiling people, banana and coffee plantations. The farms provide an interesting sighting. The scenery is breathtaking beautiful and accustomed local ambience is real here in the backdrop of a few traditional houses
The people of Lyamungo offer the following to our visitors;
Coffee farm experience 
Cultural Village walk
Bird watching
A visit to Weru weru river
A view of the local culture
A visit to a Chagga hut
Homestay Experience
A visit to Banana Handcraft makers
 A visit to a women pottery project

They would like to hear from you

P.O.Box 1762, Moshi, Tanzania.
Mobile; +255 787 484 067
               +255 718 876 140

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